“USDA Organic” doesn’t mean Organic?!

“USDA Organic” doesn’t mean Organic?!

The USDA ‘Organic’ Label Misleads And Rips Off Consumers“, an interesting article (MAR 7, 2016) by Forbes. 

Video below is quite interesting.

Whole Foods Market China Organic California blend? (Uploaded on Aug 28, 2008)

Another Article: Whole Foods’ “organic” comes from China (13 May 2012)

Whole Food’s argument on this is “Dispelling Rumors: Organics from China“.

How about Trader Joe’s?

ABC News report “Trader Joe’s to exclude some food imports from China” (February 11, 2008) says below.

By April 1 (2008), Trader Joe’s will phase out single-ingredient Chinese imports such as garlic, frozen organic spinach, ginger and edamame, a green soybean, says spokeswoman Alison Mochizuki. The ban doesn’t include products with ingredients from China, a leading source of vitamins and minerals used in many processed foods.

To be aware that both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s still carry products which contain Made-In-China ingredients.

And unfortunately USDA Certified Organic logo doesn’t guarantee the safety of the products.