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Hydrogen Water helped to recover Kidney Function

Chong’ husband Tom, 82 years old, has had stage 5 (end stage) kidney disease for over 2 years. He had refused to be on dialysis for as long as he could, however in last January, he finally had to go on dialysis to stay alive.

Since then, he did not create any urine any more… meaning his kidneys had not been working.

But all these time, he has kept taking Super Lutein and IZUMIO every day, just because they make him feel good.

And now after not making any urine for over 6months, he started making urine and be able to urinate again!

Tom and Chong are so excited and amazed!!!

Tom is doing very well and he look so good!

Chong was upset, because the other day, someone asked her if Tom was her son 😳

This is extra amazing! Because for the people who have never met Chong, she is beautiful, young, healthy and vibrant✨

(By Chong – 2017.07.09)

Cyst or tumor shrank half the size by taking Super Lutein and Izumio

My coworkers husband has a cyst smaller than a half inch thumb size. He had super lutein 3 a day n a pkt of izumio a day. The cyst or tumor shrank half the size. Then wife said to me pls bring me another set of the products. My hubby is going for surgery. Why I asked. She said another cyst is in the bile duct. So her hubby continues using the products. Guess what. The Dr performed the surgery . The cyst traveled from the bile duct into an open space where it was easily seen and taken out. Lo n behold the bile duct was not cut n save a lot of complications.  I am not sure what kind of tumor or cyst is this. Remarkable products n they work. From Ms. Yvonne khoo (2017.02.16)

(By Ms. Yvonne khoo 2017.02.16)

Hydrogen Water suppressed acute inflammation

I’m amazed!!
Please let me share what happen to me last night.
I had bacteria infection on my middle finger last night and it was hurting so I applied ointment and went to sleep.
I woke up around 4am because my finger was hurting so bad and swollen.  I could not even bent my finger.  I could feel my hurt beet on my finger.
Since it hurt very much, I could not go back to sleep.   I do not take any pain medication so that option is out.
Then I remember about IZUMIO!!!
I poured Izumio into a small dish and soaked my finger for about 10 min.  The pain was gone. I could go back to sleep.
When I woke up, my finger was still swollen a little but no pain.
Thanks to IZUMIO!
Please remember that Izumio is not only for drinking!!

(By Shzuko 2016)

Super Lutein Healed Liver Failure of My Dog.

I took Max in to see his Vet, Dr. Pang in January, 2016. I was advised that he needs to go through a Senior Panel testing (because he is 10 years old). It came back with a HIGH reading level. She told me that I need to give him liver medication to bring his reading down. These liver pills cost $100. per 30 pills. I gave him one per day from the end of January – end of July. Then I took him back to the Vet for a test on his liver count reading. She told me that one of the counts has lowered but the other still showed dangerously high. She prescribed another round of liver pills and told me to continue until October when she will test him again.

At that time, I decided not to continue with the pills. Instead, I let him go on taking the Super Lutein. I did this for two reasons: (1) to see if the Super Lutein will help his high liver count and (2) to see if it would also help to heal his open wound on his leg.

He’s had this open soar on his left hind leg for over one year. His Vet and I tried everything to heal it, but with no luck. I started this experiment with him in the beginning of August. I gave him one SuperLutein daily. Now, three months later, his sore has healed completely with no open skin.

I took Max into Dr. Pang three days ago for his annual exam. She was pleased to see that his leg has healed completely. I told her that I started him on the Super Lutein
three months ago. She immediately said, “Lutein is for the eyes.” I said “Yes, but it has many other ingredients in it, not just lutein.” After that she took another Senior Panel test. She said she would give me a call in few days after she gets the test result back.

Well, she did call me with an exciting news. She said, “Kay, I have good news for you. His test results came back with perfect liver counts! The liver medication was effective.”
I admitted to her that I have not been giving the medication since our last visit in July. Instead, I’ve been giving him only one Super Lutein daily.

She said, well it must be the Super Lutein that did it. She became interested, and asked me to bring in the Lutein bottle so she can check out the ingredients in these pills.

dog-super-luteinI am very excited that my experiment with my dog, Max turned out so well!

Here are the photos of Max’s leg before and after taking the Super Lutein. Notice how much nicer his fur looks in the after photo.

(By Ms. Kay Hirai 2016.11.08)

Dr. Elijah Carter

(Uploaded on Aug 21, 2016)

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