EWG warning about about “Lead” in personal care products

From EWG News Letter

It’s a well-known fact that lead is toxic, especially to children. But did you know it could be lurking in your lipstick, eye shadow or shampoo?!

Most people mistakenly believe that the personal care industry is highly regulated. It’s not. At all. Companies are not even required to say on the label whether a product contains lead – no matter how much is in it!

As a result, millions of women get a little bit of toxic lead on their lips every day, with each swipe of their lipstick.

The Food and Drug Administration is proposing to allow lead in lipstick and other beauty products at levels that may be unsafe for pregnant women, children and teens. Now is the time for your voice to be heard.

Scientists agree that there is no safe level of lead exposure for developing children. Even trace exposures can cause irreversible changes, including diminished IQ and behavioral problems. A known neurotoxin, it accumulates in the body over time, so even small amounts can be dangerous.

Here’s the bottom line: At the very least, Americans deserve to know when products contain even low doses of lead, so they can choose whether or not to take that risk. This is especially vital for young children and pregnant women who are most vulnerable to lead’s effects.