Cancer Immunotherapy and Natural Treatment – No chemo, No radiation, No Surgery, No Side effect

Dr. Burzynski’s non-toxic Antineoplaston therapy

A 2005 clinical trial report using only radiation and chemotherapy, found that 5 of 54 patients, or 9%, were cancer-free at the end of treatment.

While a 2008 clinical trial report using only Antineoplastons, found that 5 of 20 patients, or 25%, were cancer-free at the end of treatment—with no toxic side-effects.

Antineoplastons work on close to one hundred different genes.

Our bodies contain two categories of genes that allow cancer to flourish: oncogenes, and tumor suppressor genes. When someone has cancer, they have a higher level of oncogenes switched on, with a higher level tumor suppressor genes switched off. The goal is to tell the body to both switch back on the tumor suppressor genes, and turn off as many oncogenes as possible.

Statistically, every day, one out of 10,000 cells in our body may develop in the wrong way, and some of these cells may become cancerous cells. But why we don’t develop cancer, all of us, is because we have a protective system—we have Antineoplastons that will immediately force these malignant cells to die, by
working on the genes: by turning on the genes which fight cancer, and turning off the genes which promote cancer, as long as we have the proper amount of Antineoplastons in our system we should not develop cancer, if we are deficient—then we can develop cancer.

So the good news is that cancer can be cured. The worst type of cancer can be cured. For good. The people who are surviving, they live normal lives. No side-effects from the treatment. There is no impairment of fertility.

The sad thing however is that we know that we cannot help everybody. About 30% of patients can survive over five years, and a number of them live over ten years without any sign of cancer.

Dr. Burzynski says “This is just the beginning, and we need to perfect this. We need to introduce the newer generation of Antineoplastons—which we call the ‘second and third generation of Antineoplastons’ to make the treatment more effective, to cover a broader spectrum, and to be easier to administer.”


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